Comic strip in a wiki manner

SheepStrip is a basic formatter which renders comic strip written with some dedicated wiki markups. It comes too late as lots of online comic strip editors appeared around 2005. Nevertheless, it seems to be the first which is based on a wiki engine. Markups definition looks like some smileys code used in forums.

2012.02.15 - We are legion...
2011.11.03 - Final binary
2011.10.27 - New european flag
2011.10.26 - R.I.P. John McC.
2011.10.16 - Freedom for sale
2011.10.09 - R.I.P. Dennis R.
2011.10.06 - R.I.P. Steve J.
2011.10.04 - Scoop about Iphone 4S

SheepStrip : a bunch of wiki markups for a comic strip !


Hello world !

A great step for the silly sheep's intelligence...


This strip is a wiki extension

It's a crap to use it...

About SheepStrip

All Wiki markups work inside the comic strip as you can see.
Thanks to the WikkaWiki developers who organized the code with plugins support in mind. SheepStrip integration requires only one line in wakka formatter...
Drawn elements are based on PNG images and CSS3 for rounded bubbles (that's why IE user may not see nice rounded boxes).
SheepStrip is a bit like a 'very simple' Rube Goldberg machine at the moment.

To be continued...


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