28 days in the South

Patagonia evokes remote and wild landscapes, lands blown by a strong wind and snowy peaks among low clouds. It was what I thought when I launched the project of a journey in the far South America. At first we wanted to visit this part of the world in May 2012 but after few searches and according to the usual weather conditions, we changed our plan. Our travel began finally late in october and finished at the end of november 2012. With only 28 days, we did not have much time to waste. All in all we did what we planned despite the black cat who followed us during this great trip.

The route
  • Paris - Siantago, the longest direct flight of Air France (13300km, 17h00)
  • Temuco : start of a big tour with a rented car between chilean and argentin seven lakes areas.
  • Villarica : climb of a volcano
  • Bariloche, San Martin : day hikes in Andes (small summits like Cerro Colorado, Cerro Lopez)
  • Puerto Varas : Reloncavi Fjord in kayac
  • Chiloe island and its wood churches
  • Puerto Natales : Torres del Paine W trek (glacier Grey, Valles Francès, Los Tres Torres)
  • El Calafate : glacier Perito Moreno walk
  • El Chaiten (founded in 1985) walks to Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy
  • Punta Tombo : magellanic penguins
  • Valdes Peninsula : wales, sea elephants and armadillos
  • Buenos Aires - Paris

The Black Cat
The black cat program
  • Debit cards malfunctions during all our travel (forced to save money, but lucky at El Chaiten despite the sole ATM, our cards worked)
  • Tree attack in the rear of our car (needed to be repaired before crossing the frontier to Argentina)
  • Hike knife lost in cabin luggage at airport control
  • Knee pain
  • Non dustproof car for long unpaved roads
  • Broken bridge
  • Fording with small city car (finally lucky, no deep river and no sand trap)
  • Closed nature reserve after 200Km on bumpy and dusty road
  • All flights canceled in Argentina because of a national stike (1400 km in a bus, it's a long way to go)

The lucky plan
  • During this 28 days long travel, we walked only one hour and few minutes under an heavy rain (on time as expected by weather forecast)
  • We stayed more than an hour on the summit of Villarrica volcano
  • We paddled in kayak alone with our guide along the Reloncavi fjord. The fauna (pelicans, black cormorants, sea lions) gave us a show as in a National Geographic documentary
  • We walked on Perito Moreno under a warm sun
  • We met nice people from Chile and Argentina
  • We saw lots of chilean tinamou (like a big groose), magellanes gooses, alpacas, lots of condors (a lot more than in Peru !), two seven banded armadillos, few sea lions, some far wales tails, green parrots, wonderful chilean forests, marvelous andean summits


Pictures are available in many flavours : in a short film, in a photo gallery and with an interactive map.

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The route map
The route map


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