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The report of another very good stay despite the weather
You can compare pictures taken at the same place but during past springs (use an interactive map or read other reports available here.)

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Airplane ticket : 120 €
Car : 180 €
B&B : 35 à 45 € / night (+5 € for single room)
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This year, a travel in Peru sent me temporarily far from Ireland. Nevertheless, the plane and the car were booked before my journey to the Inca Country.
September is usually a rainy month in Ireland. This year, it is particularly wet after two summers without the sun.

En route !

MRS, terminal 1A good diner
06/09 : from the sun...
To the clouds ! After a small hitch, the car renter apologized to me in giving a "small" vehicle : a Scenic. Great for french roads... maybe not so good on small irish roads. While I am crossing the country towards Castlebar, I can see stagnant water in many fields : is Ireland sinking ?
At Castlebar, I am greeted with a good diner !

07/09 : Croagh Patrick, here I am !
Once again I climb the famous Croagh Patrick. The erosion has occurred on the slopes of the summit and damages increased a lot since last year. I forgot the champagne for the 10th ascent.
Clew Bay

Murrisk Mountains

08/09 : Mweelrea 1 - me 0
Under a cloudy sky, I try to reach the Mweelrea mount. This summit overlooks Killary Harbour, the only irish fjord. I meet a dentist from Dublin who shows me the path. A very misty weather and a painfull ankle make me stopped at only 500m from the summit. I will try again next year.
From Glencullin Mweel Rea Mountains Barnaderg

09/09 : Connemara under the rain
I go to Kylemore Abbey where I hope walking in mountains. Because of the very bad weather sinces few weeks, paths are closed to tourists. I go then to the Connemara National Park. I do a little walk in mist, rain and a strong wind on summits. I begin to think that buying a waterproof hiking pants in Clifden could be a good idea. By requesting information to a local fisherman, I discover that he is a friend of well known french singer : Pierre Perret.

Wild flower Aasleagh waterfall before the rain Aasleagh waterfall under the rain

10/09 : from Mayo to Kerry...
Through the heart of the Burren under clouds and rain showers, I choose to take a ferry between Killimer and Tarbert. Incidentally, I pass by Lahinch where the webcam of a surf shop is. This is an opportunity to meet who kindly displays waves of Ireland on internet. In Killarney, I found the mood of the tourist city. Arrived in the early evening, it is too late for a cinema session.
Lost boulders in Burren The crow Crossing the Shannon

11/09 : Mangerton mountain
Despite a morning without the sun, I decide to reach Mangerton mountain, a small and classic Kerry walk. Trails are like streams with 10cm depth. After the walk, I go to the heart of the peninsula and pass by the gap of Dunloe. In the evening, I watch Hellboy 2 at the Killarney Cineplex : a part of the story is in County Antrim, near the Giant Causeway.
Stream from Devil's Punch Bowl Orange flower Orange mushroom Black Lough
Head of Gap of Dunloe

12/09 : a mythic horseshoe walk (unless for me)
Clouds are low, but never mind, I try my luck for a nearly perfect loop hike on the Mullaghanattin. The sun appears through the clouds. From the summit a unique panorama takes place around me. Dingle peninsula from north, Beara peninsula to the south and the Carrauntoohil at west, the roof of Ireland with 1039m height. The 13km of this walk have an air of roller coasters, barely reached a peak, you have to go down and then to climb up again. This walk is announced, with a duration of 4h30 - 5h00, it takes me 5 with a wrong way at the end.
A wonderful horseshoe walk Lough Brin Mullaghanattin summit
Mullaghanattin Mountains

Mullaghanattin in snow (fake)
This is a fake made while I was trying to obtain viewable picture.
Knockmoyle & Knocknacusha

Upper Sugarloaf Hill
13/09 : Killarney - Kilkenny
The day begins with a grey sky, ideal for driving. I pass by the Vee Gap near Lismore. Here, I want to do again a walk which brings me up to Knowckmeladown at 793m. For the second time, the landscape is hidden in the mist. In the evening, I take a diner at the Kytelers Inn, a famous place in Kilkenny.
Speed limits
14/09 : Wicklow Mountains
I go to Wicklow mountains by Poulaphouca Reservoir and the Wicklow Gap before moving to Laragh. Very popular with people from Dublin the weekend, the price of a B & B is probably the most expensive of Ireland, outside the city. I do a final walk from the Wicklow gap, Turlough hill, then a dip into the valley of Glendalough. The ground is more than wet, my waterproof footwears are submerged. I can see lots of red deers : sixty females and youngs with a single male.

The Spire (120m)

15/09 : Dublin becomes breathable
In recent years Dublin is growing rapidly. Now the tram is in operation and trucks are banned from the city center. I take public transport which are very efficient. After a trip to the post office on O'Connell Street, I visit the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum is closed during major work.
Liffey River The Spire (120m) Ha' Penny Bridge

16/09 : wake up, it is 4h30
I get up early to reach the airport. I am surprised by the morning turmoil (06:00) from the terminal. The authorities have just enlarged it and at least will double its capacity by 2010. Back in France, I found the southern sun with temperatures cooler than in Ireland, the last straw !


Wind, rain and mist

In France, many people asked me if for once I had met the irish weather. The bad meteorological conditions this year forced me to reconsider my initial route. But I was not so much under rain with no more than 7 hours wet in 10 days. Moreover If I was in wind, mist and rain, it was just because my steps took me to the summits where I touched the clouds.
One more time, I spent a very good stay Ireland. Without doubt, I will trample down the irish peat again...
About the pictures
Such a weather annoyed more my camera than me. With the light conditions, it was hard to not take pictures with a white burnt sky. Results were most of the time with a dark ground. That is why few pictures are a bit* manipulated to render the mood of scenic views. Purists would say my pictures do not reflect the reality. Nor wrong exposed pictures, I answer. The panoramic views are mosaics pictures heavily processed.

Simili HDR example
Example of simili HDR picture

*Global correction on under exposed zone and experimental HDR tries for 2 or 3 pictures.

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