Guinness : more than a beer, a symbol

Shamrock (holy trinity explained by St Patrick to king Laoghaire), sheeps, donkeys (I did not see so much equidae with long ears), turf, leprechauns and harp (this one of Trinity College also attributed to Brian Boru without historical basis) and, of course, the green-white-orange national flag are international symbols of Ireland. The music instrument of Middle Age is the Ireland’s state emblem, engraved on irish Euro coins. The symmetrical representation of the harp is also the symbol of a beer which, by its name, makes you thinking immediately to Ireland : Guinness. Rooted in the history of Ireland since 1759, this stout beer is one of the most popular all around the world.
By courtesy of Guinness, here is a weather webcam of Dublin. Enjoy the view of the city and drink in moderation.


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